• Yield Gallery Blackheath
    Yield Gallery is based in Denmark Street Soho, which has a long history and is famous for its art & music. Back in the 1990's, the building where we are based, 8 Denmark Street, was a huge art gallery showing works by then undiscovered artists such as Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin and Gavin Turk.
    In the late 1990's, when Damien Hirst rented 8 Denmark Street, he fell behind with his rent. In place of the rent, Hirst offered the landlord a couple of his paintings, which the landlord refused to accept and asked Damien Hirst to leave, those painting would be worth millions of pounds in today's market ! Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
    Client meetings can be arranged here via appointment only. We are also excited to be adding an additional London gallery in 2023, watch this space!


    Please click on the link below to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced art advisors at our London Studio.