• Stik Holding Hands Blue
    Holding Hands Blue , 2020
    Hand Signed by Artist
  • Stik Holding Hands Orange
    Holding Hands Orange , 2020
    Hand Signed by Artist
  • Stik Holding Hands Red
    Holding Hands Red , 2020
    Hand Signed by Artist
  • Stik Holding Hands Teal
    Holding Hands Teal , 2020
    Hand Signed by Artist
  • Stik Holding Hands Yellow
    Holding Hands Yellow, 2020
    Hand Signed by Artist
  • Stik Walk 2012 Red
    Walk, 2012

"I’ve always drawn in a very simplistic style. I never went to art school but I did work as an artist’s life model for many years, which gave me a good grounding in composition and anatomy. I started painting in the street in my early twenties, and that became an education in itself. I learned from my contemporaries." STIK


Stik paints stick figure-like people as street art. He began in London, working in its northeast area of Hackney, especially in Shoreditch,and now paints murals all over the world in Europe, Asia and America.


He liaises at the Central Saint Martins Graffiti Dialogues and has been funded to run graffiti workshops. He has worked with Amnesty International, British Waterways, the Mutoid Waste Company, Queeruption, and Reclaim the Streets. He paints unauthorised art as well as pieces that are authorised.


In 2011, Stik had a solo show at Imitate Modern, a gallery in London's West End In 2012, he worked in Dulwich, southeast London in collaboration with curator Ingrid Beazley, where he recreated Old Master paintings in his own style that were exhibited in Dulwich Picture Gallery.This led to further street artists including Conor Harrington, MadC, Mear One, Thierry Noir, Francisco Rodrigues da Silva (Nunca), Phlegm, James Reka (Reka One), Remi Rough and System, and ROA, becoming involved to form the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery of street art around the Dulwich area in 2013. In February 2013 he collaborated with Noir in Shoreditch.



In April 2012, the London Evening Standard reported that "he was living in a St Mungo’s hostel for the homeless last year as he prepared for his first gallery show."


In March 2013 Stik gave away poster copies of his art via The Big Issue. The BBC said at the time that in "the last two years, Stik's fame has grown with celebrity endorsements and rising auction prices. Since then his work has fetched over £150,000 at auction.


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