• Pablo Picasso La Fille de L`artiste a Deux Ans Et Demi Avec Un Bateau
    Pablo Picasso
    Avec Un Bateau, 1979-1982
  • Pablo Picasso Femme Au Balcon
    Pablo Picasso
    Femme Au Balcon, 1979-1982

"Forget about eye-watering multi-million pound paintings and discover the world of limited-edition prints, exclusively held by Yield Gallery in London."


Pablo Picasso’s Granddaughter, Marina, could be the key to owning your very own limited-edition piece by the modern master


Forget about eye-watering multi-million pound paintings and discover the world of limited-edition prints, exclusively held by Yield Gallery in London


As a master of his craft, Picasso stands as one of the most recognised and influential artists ever. A prolific creator, who had a profound impact on modern art by pioneering many movements & techniques, including - but not limited to - Cubism and collage. Picasso was an experimenter at heart and a leader by practice

So, who is Marina? Once an artist passes away their artwork is inherited; in the case of Pablo Picasso - who died without a will - it took six years to divide his holdings at a ripe cost of $30 million. A fifth of the artist’s estate was passed on to Marina Picasso. During Pablo’s first marriage to the Ukrainian ballet dancer Olga Khokhlova, they had a son named Paolo who would later welcome his first child Marina Picasso, in 1950. Marina grew up distanced from her grandfather due to the divorce of her parents and was raised in poverty away from Picasso’s enormous wealth. Despite such conditions growing-up being a sharp financial contrast to her later inheritance (of more than 10,000 artworks altogether!) Marina did not allow wealth to shadow her philanthropic workethic. As a young adult unable to afford college, she supported herself working in a home for ill and disabled children and continued such outward kindness into her later years, selling her collection alongside famed gallery representative Jan Krugier to fund her charity work. After Krugier’s death in 2008, Marina was unimpressed selling via Sotheby’s Auction house and decided instead to sell privately – continuing to do so until this day. Through the funds Marina acquired over the years she founded an orphanage in Vietnam called “The Village of Youth” as well as a foundation that has funded food packages, farming subsidies, scholarships and medical equipment for hospitals around the globe including, but not limited to: Switzerland, France, and various countries across the continent of Africa. . "...helping to look after orphaned children or suffering adolescents and surrounding them with affection has been a constant aim of my life." – Marina Picasso


Four important women, four iconic portraits The four lithographs form part Marina’s inheritance, titled The Marina Picasso Estate Collection, which were hand-printed using a traditional method of multi-plate colouring, under the strict supervision of one of Picasso’s closest creative partners, the master Chromist Laurent Marcel Salinas. The collection was published between 1979 and 1982 - several years after the artist’s death - as a posthumous edition, and were later brought to the market with the permissions of Marina in her journey to both free herself of work that was for so-long withheld from her as a child and to fund her philanthropic endeavours. These prints document important women in Picasso’s life, including fellow artist and muse Dora Maar (Buste De Femme) , and his beloved daughter, Maya (La Fille de L`artiste a Deux Ans Et Demi Avec Un Bateau). Picasso believed that “art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” and demonstrates this clearly by detailing colours, lines and forms to reflect the sitter as a whole; they are portraits of Picasso’s perception, not just what the women looked like. To see the world this way and to pour your internal understanding out onto canvas through paint is a feat of admiration for both the medium and the matter.


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